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Unlocking the starter Pokémon in Blueberry Academy
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Unlocking the starter Pokémon in Blueberry Academy

Radiant Shinies

Radiant Shinies

Table of contents

  • Introduction
    • Prerequisites
      • How to collect BP
        • Blueberry Quests
          • Unlocking the starters
            • Canyon
            • Polar
            • Coastal
            • Savanna
          • Starters Unlocked
            • Tips


              With the release of the Indigo Disk DLC in Scarlet and Violet, starter Pokémon from all previous generations have returned! Trainers can unlock them as wild spawns in the Terarium as an option in the League Club Room. Collect enough BP (12,000) to unlock them all and shiny hunt every starter Pokémon from Generation 1 - 8 with ease.


              • You need to have bought the Scarlet/Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC.
              • You need to have beaten both the main story in Paldea and the story in Kitakami.

              How to collect BP

              Blueberry Points (BP) are a form of currency used in the Indigo Disk DLC, exclusive to Blueberry Academy. They can be used to buy various upgrades, purchase items from the school store, and are necessary to enter the Elite Trials. You can earn BP by completing Blueberry Quests (BBQs) or by earning them by defeating trainers in the Terarium’s biomes.

              Blueberry Quests

              The BBQ menu can be accessed by Pressing the Right D-Pad Arrow, and then L/R. This will bring up 3 BBQs. There are 3 stages of BBQs: Normal, Bonus, and Group. Normal BBQs give 20-40 BP, depending on the quest. Once you have completed 10 Normal BBQs, a bonus quest is unlocked. These bonus quests can give between 100-200 BP. If in a Union Circle, completing 3 bonus quests will unlock a group quest. These require 2 or more people and will reward you with 350-600 BP. You can reroll quests, and it costs 10 BP for normal quests, and 50 BP for bonus quests.

              Unlocking the starters

              Once you have obtained 3000 BP, you can make your way to the Entrance of the Academy.

              Then, walk over to the turnstiles and select ‘League Club Room’.

              From there, use the computer and select ‘Contribute BP’. In the upgrades menu, locate the Terarium Club. They will offer you the chance to find starter Pokémon in the wild, in exchange for 3000 BP.

              In total there are 4 upgrades, 1 for each area in the Terarium.

              The starter Pokémon unlocked will vary depending on which biome you choose to upgrade. These are the Pokémon that will spawn in each of the four biomes:


              • Treecko
              • Litten
              • Turtwig
              • Chespin
              • Squirtle
              • Tepig




              Starters Unlocked

              Now that we’ve unlocked the starter Pokémon in the wild, what can we do with them? Each of the starters have specific habitats in their respective biomes, so make sure to check the map below to see where they will spawn!

              All of the starter Pokémon listed here can also be shiny hunted. Use a sparkling power sandwich to hunt these starter Pokémon.


              Complete BBQs in a union circle as everyone can complete tasks simultaneously, and everyone will reap the rewards for each quest. 4 people will maximise this and it is the best way to collect BP.


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