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Lechonk Shiny Hunting Guide
Shiny Hunting

Lechonk Shiny Hunting Guide



Table of contents

  • Basic Information
    • Preferred Location
      • Best Hunting Method
        • Sandwich Ingredients
          • Option 1
          • Option 2
        • Tips

          Basic Information

          Lechonk is a Normal type Pokémon introduced in Scarlet & Violet. It is classified as the Hog Pokemon. Lechonk evolves into Oinkologne at Level 18. The form of Oinkologne that it evolves into depends on the Lechonk’s gender. Lechonk is normally a dark gray pig, but when it is shiny it turns bright pink.

          Preferred Location

          Lechonk’s optimal shiny hunting location is Poco Path in the grass patch on the right as soon as you enter the area. This is the best location to shiny hunt Lechonk because it’s the only place it can be isolated. There are other Lechonk habitats, but they all share habitats with other Normal-type Pokémon.

          Best Hunting Method

          You should use a Normal-type sparkling and encounter power sandwich in order to hunt Lechonk. Lechonk is the only Normal-type Pokémon in this area, so it’s easy to isolate with an encounter power sandwich. Run around the grass patch until a shiny Lechonk appears.

          Sandwich Ingredients

          There are two recipe options for a Sparkling Power: Normal Lv. 3 sandwich.

          Option 1

          This method uses the least ingredients.

          1. 1 serving of tofu, rice, or fried filet
          2. 2 Herba Mystica of these combinations:
            1. 2 salty (tofu or rice)
            2. 1 salty/1 spicy
            3. 1 salty/1 sour (tofu or filet)
            4. 1 salty/1 sweet (filet only)

          Option 2

          To make a Sparkling Power: Normal Lv. 3 sandwich using any kind of Herba Mystica, you need:

          1. 3 servings of tofu
          2. 1 serving of pickle
          3. 1 serving of cucumber
          4. Any 2 Herba that aren’t:
            1. 1 sweet/1 sour
            2. 2 sweet or 2 sour


          Fletchling also spawns in Poco Path but not in the grass patch Lechonk spawns, so don’t go too far from the grass patch.


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