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Bulbasaur Shiny Hunting Guide (Scarlet and Violet)
Shiny Hunting

Bulbasaur Shiny Hunting Guide (Scarlet and Violet)

Radiant Shinies

Radiant Shinies

Table of contents

  • Preferred Location
    • Best method to hunt
      • Prerequisites
        • Sandwich ingredients
          • Hunting
            • Tips

              Preferred Location

              The best location for shiny hunting Bulbasaur in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is Torchlit Labyrinth in the Coastal Biome of Blueberry Academy.

              Best method to hunt

              The best method to hunt Bulbasaur is by making a sandwich, as Bulbasaur is the only grass type in the area and so it can be easily isolated with grass type encounter power.


              • You need to have bought the Scarlet/Violet DLC.
              • You need to have beaten both the main story in Paldea and the story in Kitakami.
              • You need to have unlocked the Coastal Biome starter Pokémon for 3000 BP.

              Sandwich ingredients

              • 1x Rice
              • 1x Chilli Sauce
              • 1x Olive Oil
              • Any of these Herba Mystica Combinations:
                • 2x Salty Herba
                • 1x Salty Herba & 1x Sour Herba
                • 1x Salty Herba & 1x Sweet Herba


              To hunt the shiny, simply walk around the top of the cliff. You can make new spawns appear by running from one side to another, or by picnic resetting. Soon enough, the shiny will show up!


              Knock out the Tera Zangoose, as it will chase you around!


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