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Spinarak Shiny Hunting Guide (Pokémon Scarlet & Violet)
Shiny Hunting

Spinarak Shiny Hunting Guide (Pokémon Scarlet & Violet)



Table of contents

  • Introduction
    • Evolution
      • Prerequisites
        • Preferred Location
          • Best Method to Hunt
            • Sandwich Recipe
              • Hunting
                • Tips


                  Spinarak is a Bug/Poison type Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon Gold & Silver. Spinarak’s design is based on a spider. Its normal color scheme presents a lime green body, yellow legs with black bands, two red fangs, black and white eyes, and a white horn. The black pattern on its back, which is supposed to resemble a face, is used to confuse predators and prey alike.

                  As a shiny, its body changes to light blue. The legs become lilac with teal bands, and the fangs change to a pastel orchid tone. The pattern on its back changes to a teal color to match the bands on its legs, while the horn and eyes remain relatively unchanged.


                  Spinarak evolves into Ariados at Level 22.


                  • You need to have purchased The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC.

                  Preferred Location

                  The best location to hunt shiny Spinarakis beside the bus stop in the South Area of Kitakami.

                  Best Method to Hunt

                  The best shiny hunting method for Spinarakis to make a Sparkling and Encounter Power: Poison Lv.3 Sandwich. Spinarak is the only Poison-Type Pokémon that spawns in that area so that it can be easily isolated.

                  Sandwich Recipe

                  The easiest way to make a Sparkling and Encounter Power: Poison Lv.3 Sandwich is by using:

                  • 1 serving of Noodles
                  • A combination of 1 Salty Herba Mystica + 1 Sweet/Spicy/Sour Herba Mystica

                  If you don't have Salty Herba Mystica, use this recipe:

                  • 1 Cucumber + 1 Pickle
                  • 3 Green Peppers
                  • Any 2 Herba Mystica combination besides: 1 Sweet + 1 Sour


                  The best way to hunt shiny Spinarakis to travel along the grass, ensuring Spinarak leaves the screen to reset the spawns. Another way to reset the spawns is to open and close a picnic.


                  • Spinarak can be tricky to spot in the tall grass because of its green coloring. Look closely at the legs and watch for the pink coloring to spot the shiny ones.

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