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Popplio Shiny Hunting Guide (Scarlet & Violet)
Shiny Hunting

Popplio Shiny Hunting Guide (Scarlet & Violet)



Table of contents

  • Introduction
    • Preferred Location
      • Best Method to Hunt
        • Prerequisites
          • Sandwich Making
            • Hunting
              • Tips


                Popplio is the water type starter in the Alola region in which it was first introduced.

                It is based on a circus performing sea lion or the spotted seal. Its normal appearance presents a light blue color with white markings on its face, flippers, and ruff collar. Its nose and the tips of the flippers are pink. As a shiny, it becomes a darker blue and its collar also becomes pink.

                Preferred Location

                The best location for shiny hunting Popplio in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is on the beach beside the border of the Coastal Biome and Savanna Biome.

                Best Method to Hunt

                The best method to shiny hunt Poppliois by making a Sparkling and Encounter Power: Water Lv.3 sandwich. Popplio is the only water type that spawns on the sand so it can be easily isolated.


                • You need to have purchased The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC
                • You need to have beaten the main story in Paldea and Kitakami
                • You need to have purchased the Coastal Biome starter upgrade in the BB League Room for 3000 BP

                Sandwich Making

                The easiest way to make a Sparkling and Encounter Power: Water Lv. 3 sandwich is by using:

                1. 1 Cucumber
                2. 2 Salty Herba Mystica.

                If you don't have Salty Herba Mystica use this recipe:

                1. 4 Cucumber
                2. 1 Pickle
                3. Any 2 Herba Mystica Combinations besides Sweet + Sour and Sweet + Sweet


                To hunt shiny Popplio you can either ride up and down the beach, or picnic reset after checking every Popplio spawn.


                • Popplio can be really hard to notice depending on the lighting. To make this hunt easier, pay close attention to the pink collar
                • Be sure to stay clear of the water since other Pokémon will spawn beside and in the water

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