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Froakie Shiny Hunting Guide (Scarlet & Violet)
Shiny Hunting

Froakie Shiny Hunting Guide (Scarlet & Violet)



Table of contents

  • Introduction
    • Preferred Location
      • Best method to hunt
        • Prerequisites
          • Sandwich Making
            • Hunting
              • Tips


                Froakie is the water type starter in Kalos, where it was first introduced. Its design is inspired by a frog and ninja mixed together. Its normal appearance presents a nice blue color, while the shiny form becomes a desaturated blue. Its evolution, Greninja, is also the first starter to be Water & Dark type.

                Preferred Location

                The best location for shiny hunting Froakie in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is right outside of The Coastal Plaza in the Coastal Biome of Blueberry Academy on the grass.

                Best method to hunt

                The best method to shiny hunt Froakie is by making a Sparkling and Encounter Power: Water Lv.3 sandwich, since Froakie is the only water type in the area and can be easily isolated.


                • You need to have The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC bought
                • You need to have beaten the main story in Paldea and Kitakami
                • You need to have bought the Coastal Biome starter upgrade in The BB League Room for 3000 BP

                Sandwich Making

                The easiest way of making a Sparkling and Encounter Power: Water Lv. 3 sandwich is by using:

                1. 1 Cucumber
                2. 2 Salty Herba Mystica

                An alternative recipe would be:

                1. 4 Cucumber
                2. 1 Pickle
                3. Any 2 Herba Mystica combinations other than Sweet + Sour and Sweet + Sweet


                To hunt this shiny, simply walk around the grass area. Once you've checked all the spawns, you can you either picnic reset or town reset by walking in and out of the coastal plaza. Try to avoid the sandy area, since Popplio will spawn there. Be patient, and after a while the shiny should appear!


                Froakie can be a hard to notice shiny due to the lighting, so be sure to check each one closely! It can also sometimes hide in the tall grass, so make sure to check there as well. Happy hunting!


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